Trials Fusion



Previous games in the Trials series have been exclusive to Microsoft, but the latest incarnation has finally brought the motorbike off-road thrills to the Playstation. The controls are simple – Accelerate, brake and lean forward or backwards. The courses however, are not so simple. Leaping giant ravines or scaling near-vertical cliff-faces, the task is to get to the end of each death-defying course without falling. Easier said than done.

Multiplayer gives the option of racing against three other players either locally or online. If you crash or fall too far behind you get a points penalty and regenerate later on the track to re-join the action. Because of this it’s not the first over the line that necessarily wins but more often the one with the least collisions.

The option to build and share your own tracks online makes Trials infinitely expandable. The addition of jokey commentary is an new annoyance, but the gameplay that’s simple to pick up yet devilishly hard to truly master make Trials an addictive title that turns a quick five minute game into a five hour session.

Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC
£29.99 (12+)

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