Crysis 3


In a dystopian future, New York City has been isolated by the corrupt Cell Corporation. The city is now an overgrown jungle with raging rivers and thick vegetation mixed in with the rubble of long forgotten skyscrapers. Once again you play as Prophet, a soldier equipped with a powerful ‘Nanosuit’ which gives you superhuman strength and a range of other powerful abilities. However, the suit’s alien technology soon starts to influence your humanity, and pretty soon it is hard to tell where your armour ends and you begin.

Your main weapon in the game is stealth. Well, stealth, a deadly bow, a choice of powerful guns and some grenades. But mostly stealth. To play tactically you will be best served by shooting people with your bow and then reclaiming your arrows, while keeping your gunplay to a minimum. You are joined in your quest by a chap named Psycho, a foul-mouthed cockney who is reminiscent of a racist London cabbie, only the aliens he hates are from another planet. Having had his Nanosuit agonisingly stripped from him by the Cell Corporation, he too is out for revenge.

The game looks stunning. Everything from dank, underground industrial compounds to open landscapes where lush undergrowth has reclaimed the city looks genuinely incredible. The gameplay is smooth and stands out as a good example of how first-person shooters with strategy are often more fun than ones that just involve non-stop shoot outs.

Multiplayer options, alongside the regular fare, include a Hunter mode where two Nanosuited ‘hunter’ players take on ten armed troopers. The twist is that with each kill, former troopers join the hunters to help finish off their former friends. It’s an engaging mode and something to extend the game’s life past its thrilling campaign mode. Well worth checking out.

Publisher: EA
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Age: 16+
Price: £34.99 – £39.99

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