Yooka-Laylee releases E3 trailer to soften the blow of launch delays

Playtonic have today released their official E3 trailer for their upcoming Yooka-Laylee title. While it’s not quite as upcoming as it once was – the release has been moved from October 2016 to Q1 2017 – it’s looking like it’ll be a bright and breezy platformer to play with the kids.

To actually get a hands-on with the game you’ll have to visit Playtonic at E3 (yeah, me neither) to see how the game is handling. The leading characters, Yooka and Laylee, appear to be a gecko and a red-nosed bat. While artistic licence may well have been used as to the natural compatibility of the two species as companions in a platforming quest, flying and sticky-tongue action does open up a wealth of possibilities in a video game.

Watch the trailer above to see what’ll be in store when Yooka-Laylee (finally) gets released.