Xbox One vs Playstation 4


Sony and Microsoft have close to a total dominance of the home console market since Nintendo fell on hard times with the poor sales of their latest Wii U console. The imminent launch of the Xbox One on the 22nd of November and the Playstation 4 arriving just a week later on the 29th will make this Autumn all important as they push to become top dog in an industry that is measured in billions of dollars rather than millions.

For the first time, neither console will allow you to play games from the current Xbox or Playstation systems, giving long term fans no concrete reason to stay with either brand. The question is, if you are planning on upgrading to the latest and greatest in living room high jinks, which one should you choose?

The Xbox One at £429 is going to be £80 more expensive than the £349 PS4. However, you will get the motion tracking Kinect thrown in. Initially out on the 360, this latest Kinect is a major upgrade. Facial recognition and the ability to track everyone in the room with pin-point accuracy sounds thrilling, but real world game application may prove it to be a gimmick rather than a must-have addition.

Each of these machines are essentially powerful PCs in a console casing. The Playstation 4 however, pipps the Xbox One in both processor and RAM speed. Technically this should mean that games will look a touch slicker and run a little smoother on the PS4. However, the current systems are creating such graphically rich games that the distinct lack of a visual leap between the old and new consoles is likely to be a strong motivator in stopping many game fans from initially upgrading . Industry awareness of this fact would also explain why upcoming blockbuster games such as Call of Duty and Assassins Creed are coming out on current consoles as well as the new systems for the first time.

Both controllers have had an upgrade. The PS4 now has ‘Move’ motion control and a touchpad in the middle. It’s also has had a much needed ergonomic upgrade making it significantly more comfortable than their current controller. The Xbox has had more of a design tweak than a do-over. The one interesting upgrade is the addition of a rumble feature in the trigger buttons allowing much more subtle game feedback than the current all or nothing approach of the rumble feature.

The Xbox is trying to become the entertainment system in your living room rather than just a device for games. Quick switching between movies, music and games is instant using either a controller or voice commands. It’ll even allows screen splits, so you can video chat with your grandma without ever having to stop dismembering zombies at the same time. The Playstation 4 will also have media content, but to get a more interactive experience, you’ll have to shell out an additional £54.99 for the Playstation 4 Camera. The hyped social media connections on the PS4 using Twitter and Facebook will need to gain significant consumer confidence if it’s to be seen as a necessary feature.

Currently there isn’t any clear indication on which console will become victorious in what is bound to be a costly and hard-fought battle for console supremacy. The increased power of the PS4 is equally balanced with the superior entertainment elements offered by the Xbox One. In reality though, social gaming with friends is already an all important hub for much of the gaming public, so the sensible choice will be to go for whichever console your friends have.

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