Vans to release Nintendo themed sneakers


Vans sneakers have always held their own in the footwear market. Whether it’s the plain blue original low-rise style or the slip-on black and white checks the brand is famous for, their kicks have effortlessly stood the test of time. But why should this matter to the discerning gaming gentleman or lady? Well, you should care because the surfer/skater brand is bringing out a Nintendo themed range of footwear that you need more than life itself. The selection covers both kids and adult sizes in everything from flip-flops to high-top.

What’s more is this isn’t a US only deal, Those in the UK will also be able to get their hands on them. That said, it’s likely the range will sell out in no time as both sneaker freaks and gamer geeks alike rush to get their hands on a pair or two.

Check out the pics below to see some of the available range, out June 4, when you’ll be able to buy them HERE

UPDATE: Vans have released the collection early! Get over to their store sharpish to grab some Nintendo goodness while you can…