Trigger Fist


One of the persistent criticisms of mobile gaming is that touchscreen controls simply aren’t as accurate as console controls. This is a particular problem for first- and third-person shooters where quick, accurate controls are essential to staying alive. Since the iTunes store opened for business, countless developers have waded in with new control schemes to try to solve this ongoing problem. Too many games have tried to do absolutely everything, with an unwieldy collection of buttons and swipe controls that make gameplay harder and less fun.

Trigger Fist’s developers have stripped things back, making one big important concession: they have sacrificed the y-axis. While this does mean an end to headshots, it also means no more shooting rounds wildly into the air or accidentally dropping grenades at your own feet. The other main concession that has been made is that the game has no solo campaign.

In many other ways, Trigger Fist is not too dissimilar to other multiplayer third-person shooters. It has four familiar game modes: Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Sacred Goat (a slightly weird twist on ‘capture the flag’ in which you battle for control of a goat).

The game can be played either online or offline against bots. The bot players’ AI is not bad, but you soon start to learn enemy behaviours, so while offline play can act as a good training ground, things get much more interesting online.

Trigger Fist has three different character classes: scout, gunner or rifleman, each with slightly different loadouts. Each class gains experience separately, and with experience comes fun new kit and weapons.

The sacrifices Lake Effect have made to deliver a pared-back mobile shooter won’t be to everyone’s taste, but for mine this is a fine example of how less can often actually be significantly more.

Publisher: Lake Effect
Platform: iOS
Age: 9+
Price: £4.99

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