Girls Like Robots


We all know that drawing up seating plans can be an absolute nightmare. It is what drives most couples who are planning a wedding to absolute distraction. As it turns out, it can also be enormous fun.

Girls Like Robots is a stylish puzzle game that asks you to place different characters next to one another to create the most harmonious seating plan possible. Each level presents you with a tiled board, which must be filled with various archetypal characters. Girls, as the title says, like being next to robots. Nerds like sitting in corners or next to girls, though girls aren’t quite so keen on that. And everyone likes sitting next to pie… except robots, because robots can’t compute pie (geddit?!).

The hand-drawn art is complemented by a charming homespun bluegrass soundtrack. The game takes you on a bizarre journey over volcanoes and into space. The plot is, quite frankly, bonkers, but somehow it seems right and you gradually come to accept it.

Different levels require different approaches. Some give you access to the entire board and let you place any character in any order. Others open up the board gradually and force you to place characters one by one. Many levels can resolve themselves into a harmonious conclusion where everyone is happy precisely where they are, which gives the same inner glow you feel when you finish an impossibly hard Sudoku puzzle. But some levels find you trying to shoehorn people into places they are simply not happy with, and trying to minimise the total pain. The famed Utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham, who argued for “the greatest happiness for the greatest number”, would probably have liked this game.

While some levels are devilishly hard, most people – whether boys or girls – will find that they like Girls Like Robots.

Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Platform: iOS
Age rating: 4+
Price: £0.69

Arion McNicoll

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