Have you ever been made redundant? I have. So I understand the rage that drives the musclebound protagonist of Beatdown! to want to kick his former-boss’s ass. Kicking back his chair and smashing his desk, it is time for a beatdown.

Evidently inspired by the arcade classic Double Dragon, you pound your way through former colleagues and office thugs, including burly security officers, IT nerds with laser vision and police officers who try to stop you along the way.

The game is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, with just two buttons, jump and punch. Your main attack will always be your fists, but jumping into and out of the action will help you get up close and personal, or out of reach of your opponents’ fists.

Along the way you will pick up weapons such as baseball bats, axes and swords, which give you a bit of extra reach and power. Pound enough baddies into the dust and you trigger a temporary berserker rage, where your fists swell to the size of anvils.

At the end of each level you’ll face a boss battle. Some of the bosses can be quite tough, and will take more than a few attempts to overcome. You are given a star rating for each level, based on your score, but three stars are pretty easy to come by – the scoring system might still have to be tweaked a bit to get things perfect. There is also an endless mode where you can pummel unlimited waves of goons to your heart’s content.

At time of writing the game has an annoying tendency to crash with no notice, but that should be fairly easy for the developers to iron out.

If you want pixelated beat ‘em up action, Beatdown! is definitely the game for you.

Publisher: Ravenous Games
Platform: iOS
Age rating: 9+
Price: £0.69

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