Twisted Metal


The latest game in this Playstation-exclusive series is back with a bang after a four-year hiatus. Essentially, Twisted Metal is a demolition derby. Where it differs from a regular demolition derby is in its inclusion of ballistic weapons, mines, machine guns and the ability to plough through buildings and over pedestrians. Such behaviour tends to be frowned upon in regular banger racing.

If you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), it’d probably be a good idea to give the game a wide birth. Sweet Tooth, one of the returning characters, is a psychopathic clown with a rictus grin whose head is permanently on fire. He also drives a heavily weaponised ice-cream van.

Realism, as you may have guessed, is not the name of the game and while there is a single-player option, Twisted Metal is all about the multiplayer. The arenas range from normal-ish neighbourhood settings to huge amphitheatres with constantly changing layouts, electrified tracks and giant car-crushing maces. Your aim is to destroy all other combatants in the arena. Your weapons, speed and armour differ depending on which vehicle you choose. Picking up bonus weapons, health and other boosts are also essential to victory.

Frantic doesn’t even begin to describe the action. There is always somebody on your tail trying to take you out, so handbrake turns soon become your best friend. There are also no quick kills. Expect to spend 15 minutes in each game speeding around, firing wildly and trying not to die. Be warned though, Twisted Metal isn’t for everyone. The over-the-top graphics, metal soundtrack and feverish gameplay are likely to either thrill or give you a nasty case of motion sickness. But not both. Caveat emptor, or in the vernacular of the game, I f**king warned you.

Publisher: Sony
Format/s: Playstation 3
Age rating: 18+
Price: £39.99

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