Tiny Troopers


‘War, what is it good for?’ sang Edwin Starr back in 1969. 43 years later, we finally seem to have the answer: war is good for countless video games. Countless wonderful, absorbing, bloody, strategic or action-packed video games.

The classic 60s anti-war anthem was also the theme tune for 1993’s breakthrough Amiga title Cannon Fodder, a title to which Tiny Troopers owes more than a passing debt. Now Tiny Troopers revives the old point-and-click action game’s spirit with wit and precision (and no shortage of similarity).

You lead a band of pint-sized soldiers on missions through a range of different landscapes. The game plays out in three different chapters, each containing ten missions. Mission can be played on easy, medium or hard levels of difficulty, and at the end of each mission you are awarded points and stars which correlate to the level of difficulty you have taken on. Points can be exchanged for equipment and weapon upgrades to make your progress easier (and more explosive). You will also profit from exploring levels to find hidden medals, enemy intel and other collectibles. Medals can be used between missions for levelling up your troops, but if a soldier dies on the field of battle, then he is lost forever.

The gameplay is very simple. Click on a point and your soldiers move there, click on an enemy and you will shoot at them. Grenades and RPGs can be dragged from the side of the screen to take out a building or enemy vehicle. It works well, but the single camera angle means that you are often walking into enemy positions blind – being able to zoom in and out would be a plus.

War, huh, what is it good for? Games like Tiny Troopers. Say it again!

Publisher: Chillingo
Format/s: iOS
Age rating: 12+
Price: £1.99

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