The Division, Rainbow Six and Hitman DLC is here. But who wins and who loses?


Games cost a lot to make. We get that. So, in order to satisfy the grumbling masses games developers like to periodically chuck a few scraps over the castle walls in the form of downloadable content to keep the peasants happy. Sometimes you get a juicy steak and sometimes you get an old hunk of mouldy bread. So, to deploy a Game of Thrones analogy, are the games developers behind these three titles Lannisters (baddies) or Starks (goodies)?


Rainbow Six: Siege

We liked R6:S a lot when it came out. It arrived with some refreshing new angles on the whole multiplayer first-person genre and stripped it down to what gamers actually wanted: a new, fun and tactical way to kill each other. Ubisoft have drip-fed new updates Black Ice and Dust Line which come with new maps (Border and Yacht) and new operators (Buck, Frost, Valkyrie and Blackbeard). You can also wear new headgear (hats! Unfortunately not) and put keyrings on your weapons (we didn’t even know this was a thing). The game itself has had a tweak in lots of small ways that are small but noticeable. Is it worth it? It’s still a great game and that hasn’t changed but would have liked to have seen another game mode or difficulty level.

Verdict: Starks




Our follically challenged death-disher gets a new locale to punch people’s tickets in: Sapienza, Italy. The general theme of the game stays the same in that you have to eliminate your targets without getting caught. And this round, you are gaily murdering two biochemical engineers. The new environment is gorgeous and reminds us of a place called Orta San Guilio. The town is alive with tourists and shopkeepers and we prefer it to the Paris environment. Again, you spend most of your time swapping costumes and scratching your head over why a flower delivery guy is not seen as out of place in a wine cellar planting proximity mines. But the rich are weird like that.

Verdict: Starks



The Division

After dishing out The Division’s form of rough justice to the poor (who are just trying to survive a pandemic for chrissakes!) for a few weeks, Ubisoft decided to release The Falcon Lost incursion so your agent can kill a few more bullet-sponge rogue Division agents (you just can’t get the staff, nowadays). Falcon Lost requires you to have very, very good gear that there are only two ways to acquire. You can grind the Dark Zone or replay the missions on hard mode which takes much, much longer. Grinding through either isn’t exactly a huge amount of fun… The actual incursion is very, very hard and not very much fun either. But if your idea of a good time is grinding in The Dark Zone so you can hunker behind an air-conditioning unit for 20mins before trying to take down a seemingly indestructible enemy then knock yourself out.

Verdict: Lannisters. Maybe Cersei (bit good, bit bad)


Rainbow Six is trying to emulate the COD philosophy of releasing new maps to keep the game fresh – but why not give them away for free if you want your product to gain some traction? Just a suggestion.

Hitman is trying to make the game an episodic updateable series, but Sapienza took us a short evening to complete… plus the mastery missions… and then we delved into user-generated content (which is a great idea) but it quickly got old. If the game came as a full AAA title with all the missions in one go it would be amazing. Just do it the old fashioned way, eh?

We get that releasing a full game takes money, but drip-feeding updates via season passes is a bit mean. The Division, once completed, is a dead game. There is no overarching reason to go back to it other than to grind out new weapons to play impossibly difficult new incursions. I would have liked to have taken back the city as an overall objective or had new areas of the city to fight in. Oh, and while we’re at it. No more bullet sponges! Just more guys!