Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut


Originally out on PC over a year ago, this crowd-funded game has been updated to address problems with its difficulty level and controls. Created by an English development team based in Guildford, Strike Suit Zero is a space fighter that harkens back to classic titles from the 80s.

In the year 2299 war has broken out between the United Nations of Earth (U.N.E) and various earth colonies over independence and technological superiority. As a pilot for the U.N.E. you embark on various missions to shoot down anything and anyone who isn’t on your side. Viewed from a third-person perspective, you control a spaceship that can transform into a hulking humanoid shape. The controls initially feel clunky, but once you master them, space battles quickly become fluid – if frantic – affairs.
The deep space graphics aren’t exactly ‘next-gen’, but they are pretty in their way, reminiscent of Tron – particularly in the way thrusters create neon trails across the screen. The gameplay will throughly please those who like arcade titles to have more than a little challenge, but, in spite of the changes, casual gamers will still struggle with the controls and difficulty level.

Born Ready Games
Xbox One, PS4
£15-16 (Teen)

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