South Park: The Stick of Truth


A game based in the fictional Colorado town of South Park was never going to be subtle, but this role-play game pushes everything to another level including taste (or lack thereof), disgusting subject matter and outstanding gameplay.

Starting with a role-play battle between the children where they have taken sides playing as elves or humans, the story quickly escalates to involve, among other things, nazi zombie cows and deadly Canadian bishops. You play as the new kid in town taking on missions such as finding Jesus or helping Al Gore collect evidence of the illusive ManBearPig to help ingratiate yourself within the community.

Fights are tactical and turn-based. Collecting power-ups to use when needed is imperative to winning. Upgrading your magical ability (read: creative farting power) and weaponry is also essential to your continued survival.

If you don’t like or have never come across South Park, this is a game that is likely to appal and deeply offend. However, if you like the TV series, you’ll love this game which brings all of the favourite characters and locations together to make a game that does full justice to the creative but foul-mouthed brand.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC
£29.99 – £34.99 (18+)

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