Sony announce the official name of Playstation’s Virtual Reality headset

Sony have finally announced the official name of their virtual reality Playstation headset, currently called Project Morpheus. And what is the name of the Playstation VR headset? Just that. Playstation VR. While it’s not the most inventive moniker, it is an uncomplicated and accurate name for the headset.

The announcement was made at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show by the president of the Computer Entertainment division, Atsushi Morita. Keen to point out the high hopes Sony have for VR, Morita called the device a “sensation”.

There is still no release date for Playstation VR, but developers are falling over themselves to create content for both Sony’s Playstation VR and Microsoft’s competing Oculus Rift system. Showing 20 VR games at this years E3, Sony still had to turn away games in development from both internal and external sources due to the sheer wealth of content being created, giving hope for a stellar games line-up that’ll be ready for launch… whenever that is.

Watch the Playstation concept video above to see the expressions Sony expects you to be making when the headset is finally out.