Resistance: Burning Skies


Apparently our concept of aliens has changed. Gone are the days of the little green man from The Twilight Zone or the scantily clad bright blue seductress of Star Trek. These days aliens always seem to be giant, psychotic, heavily armed bugs. While Ridley Scott certainly deserves a significant part of the blame, the Resistance series with its insect-like Chimera also contributed to the shift.

It’s August in 1951 and you play as Tom Riley, a tough, east coast firefighter caught up in the middle of a Chimera invasion. Your immediate concern is saving your family, but soon you find yourself fighting deeper and deeper into alien-occupied territory.

You begin the game armed only with an axe, but along the way you manage to pick up some seriously heavy artillery including alien assault rifles that can see and shoot through walls and napalm crossbows.

The comic-book look and fifties styling of the decimated city look great on the Vita’s bright screen. While the primary control scheme is the analogue control pads, Burning Skies also uses the touchscreen to good effect. Tapping on an enemy will target them with homing bullets or, when using a grenade, help with the direction and trajectory of your throw.

The game has a strong narrative, leading you at pace through each level. If you plan to play when out and about on your daily commute, some of the darker scenes are impossible to see, so you will have to wait until you get back home and turn out the lights to get through them. Not ideal for a game specifically made for a portable console. This minor gripe aside, Burning Skies is an accomplished title, and one that fans of the series will be glad to see arrive on this increasingly interesting new piece of hardware.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: Playstation Vita
Age: 16+
Price: £34.99

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