Ratchet and Clank gets its Playstation 4 debut


The latest Ratchet and Clank adventure is a re-imagining of the dynamic duo’s origin story. While the game is set to accompany the pair’s upcoming cinematic debut, this is by no means a quick and nasty cash-grab to sucker fans out of their hard earned, but rather a proper Playstation 4 exclusive Ratchet and Clank title.

The bobcat-looking last Lombax and his metallic robot sidekick have all the goofy weapons we’ve come to expect from the series. New guns such as the Pixelizor – a handy weapon that’ll turn your enemies into 8-bit 2D versions of themselves accompany fan-favourites such as the Groovitron which stops enemies attacking and instead makes them dance to disco beats.


And it is just as well you come heavily armed, as enemies range from snaggle-toothed fish to huge floating brains and giant weaponised robots. Fast guns and faster wit soon put an end to enemies in the battle scenes, but there are also puzzles to solve, jets to fly and neat side-quests for Clank where he has to work out a series of challenges using transforming robots.

Visually Ratchet and Clank looks amazing. The cartoon visuals look like a Pixar movie that’s come to life. Returning characters such as the muscle-bound but cowardly buffoon Captain Quark play a large part in the story, as do many other familiar faces from previous games.

Put simply, Ratchet and Clank is everything a video game should be. True, this is a single-player only experience – there’s no online or multiplayer option, but it doesn’t need it. This is challenging enough for young gamers without being too easy for seasoned fans. The dialogue is both funny and goofy as are the roster of enemies. The weapons are suitably absurd and the visuals are beautiful. The movie has an awful lot to live up to.

Playstation 4
£27.99 (7+)