Prototype 2


It’s been 18 months since the original outbreak of the virus that turned Alex Mercer – the protagonist of the original game – into a freakish, mutated killing machine. This time you play as James Heller, a US Marine sergeant who is suffering from post-traumatic stress and looking to hunt down and kill Alex Mercer after a second viral outbreak.

Heller blames Mercer for the death of his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, upon reaching his prey, Heller catches the virus himself and becomes a mutant. With newfound powers and new information that it was in fact the Gentek Corporation that was responsible for the viral outbreaks rather than Mercer, your job is to get to the bottom of things by exploring the open-world environment of a quarantined Manhattan.

The original game relied a little too much on running in and frantically mashing buttons until everyone was dead. Initially this was fun, but it soon became tiresome. This time round, while there are plenty of opportunities to open a can of whoop-ass on building-sized mutants, flight rather than fight is often required to reach your goal.

You can transform your appearance by ‘genetically consuming’ enemies, allowing you to access areas, such as high security science labs, as you seek to discover the cause of the outbreaks. This gives the use of stealth much greater prominence than before. James’s ability to run up walls, leap from skyscrapers and glide like a flying squirrel works well. Alongside the involving conspiracy plot, this is a much more engaging experience than the first outing.

If you’d like to play a game where you have the combined powers of Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hulk, this is the game for you. If you are a bit squeamish about blood and guts however, it’s probably best you give this one a miss.

Publisher: Activision
Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Age: 18+
Price: £34.99

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