Skylanders Giants


Skylanders has been around for a year now, but still captures the imagination of young people around the world through its perfect fusion of toys and video games. The game allows you to buy well-crafted and imaginative toys and ‘transfer’ them into your console by touching them against something called a Portal of Power. The portal is a glowing base that you connect to your console. When you put a Skylanders toy onto it, you can become that character in the game. This update offers 37 additional new or updated characters which can be purchased separately, but you can also use characters from the first game, who can also be upgraded with new skills.

The goofy Lord Kaos – defeated in the first outing – has found a way to return to the floating world of the Skylands. This time he has seized control of gigantic robots called Arkeyans who once held the inhabitants of Skylands in forced servitude. To meet this new threat the Skylanders have help of their own in the form of the ancient Giants who are more than twice the size of normal characters, both physically and in the game. The gameplay revolves around searching for hidden items, battling bosses, rescuing kidnapped friends, defeating hoards of monsters and collecting upgrades.

The giants give the game an added dimension. All have the ability to throw huge rocks and smash through floors, opening up new areas to explore.

The graphics are bold and cartoony and wouldn’t look out of place in a DreamWorks movie. The voice talent, including Seth Macfarlane from the US cartoon series American Dad, is suitably over the top and the script will have young gamers in stitches. As well as playing the main game with a friend, you can also go head-to-head in the various Battle Modes. The popular Arena Rumble, where you have to battle your opponent one-on-one, is back again from the first game. Additional games include collecting gems, knocking your opponent out of the arena and a version of American Football.

Older gamers might find the linear gameplay of Skylanders Giants a tad irritating, but the target market of young gamers will adore everything the game has to offer.

stars4Publisher: Activision
Platform: PS3, 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360
Age: 7+
Price: £34.99 – £59.99

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  1. MrShev

    November 7, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    I don’t get Skylanders. Do I have to buy the actual game and then the figures?

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