Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming! Maybe


A map from a new Red Dead Redemption title appears to have come to light after a ‘leaked’ image was posted on Neogaf by a user called Mideon. The map was quickly pulled by the user, but not before Teckish (alongside the rest of the online gaming world) got its hands on it.

There is no official word from Rockstar games, the company behind the Western-themed Red Dead Redemption series, about a new game being in development. However, the last game in the series was massively successful shipping over 14 million copies, so it’d be a surprise if there wasn’t a game in the pipeline. It’s not quite GTA V’s buy-yourself-a-lear-jet-with-the-profits successful, but still more than enough to keep the poorer members of the Rockstar crew in Bugattis and helicopters for a fair while. But is this map to be believed?


Judging from the post, the game may be set to the East of the original game’s locations. An undisclosed source that is apparently ‘close to the development team’ also stated that the game will be a prequel – set before the events in Redemption – hence the lack of railroad tracks.

Look, we want to believe. Teckish loves the open-world Red Dead Western adventures and can’t wait for more. However, if this map does turn out to be lies, we here at Teckish will not be happy and won’t be wearing our regular office uniform of cowboy hat, spurs and assless chaps for the next few days, if not weeks.

Click on the map to view the full-res version.