Max Payne iOS


Just ahead of the release of their latest blockbuster Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games re-released the original Max Payne on iPad and iPhone. Ported both sensitively and faithfully, what is most surprising about the game is how well it has weathered the eleven years since it first came out. Most games begin to look a bit archaic even after only a few years. But like Grand Theft Auto – Rockstar’s other recent port to iOS – Max Payne looks and feels great and won’t disappoint old fans anxious to relive some of the ol’ magic.

One of the key innovations of Max Payne was its bullet time feature, where the world goes into slow motion as you leap for cover firing your gun. 11 years ago, a few games were experimenting with bullet time, keen to bring the spectacular slow-mo special effect pioneered so elegantly by the Wachowski Brothers in the Matrix films to console gaming. Max Payne really got it right.

The game plays well with a good long campaign. While there are some frustrations in the touch creen controls, generally it plays pretty well, particularly when playing on iPad which offers a bit more room for fat fingers. One boring aspect of the port is the fact that you have to manually save your game as you go along, like in the bad old days of gaming. There is an autosave option, but it can be pretty patchy, so better to take care of that yourself.

The film noir plot unfolds over a good seven hours, so there is plenty here to keep you busy. With Max Payne 3 hitting stores this week, this is a canny marketing tie-in from Rockstar – but even without blockbuster associations, this is a quality game in its own right and well worth your hard-earned pennies.

Publisher: Rockstar
Platform: iOS
Age: 17+
Price: £1.99

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