Mass Effect: Infiltrator


After the brilliance of EA’s iPhone version of Dead Space last year I had high hopes for Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Dead Space proved how far mobile gaming had come in only a few short years. The fact that Mass Effect had been put together by the same talented team who worked on Dead Space had me rushing out of my flat, down the road and queuing out the front of the Apple App Store in my sleeping bag waiting for its release. You know, figuratively speaking.

Sadly, Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a bit of a mess. There are plenty of positives, but altogether it is not quite worth the premium price tag it has been given.

The console series is noted for the complexity of it’s characterisation, the story arc that carries across the series and the length and quality of its campaigns. Infiltrator has little of this, with fairly thin characters and not much in the way of plot. Basically you run into a room, shoot all the aliens and then run to the next room.

The real problem with Infiltrator is that combat just doesn’t really work. The game is a cover shooter, so you hide behind a rock and then pick the right moment to pop up and shoot. The developers have attempted to make use of the touch screen controls to make targeting and using your different weapons simple. Unfortunately they have just made it a bit boring. There is rarely a sense of real excitement to gunfights, which is a bit of a problem given that gunfights are really what the game is all about.

The graphics are handsome enough and the game is certainly not bad, but after the brilliance of EA’s recent console to mobile conversions it is just a bit of a disappointment.

Publisher: EA
Format/s: iOS
Age rating: 9+
Price: £4.99

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