Mass Effect 3


Shepard returns to save the world in the concluding game of the highly inventive Mass Effect trilogy.

This is a game that will make you gasp with admiration at the inventiveness of both the storytelling and the high-definition worlds which Shepard must explore as he bids to form an alliance that will defeat the deadly Reapers, who are back after many years to destroy the galaxy and everything in it.

As sci-fi plots go, it’s hardly original, but the story is told with pace and conviction and never lets go. Mass Effect 3 wears its influences, from Star Trek and Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica, like a badge of honour and revels in its ability to make you the creator of your own story. Throughout the game, from initial setup on in, every decision you make will affect your experience and relationships with those around you. This makes it a great title for replay purposes. I love the fact that you can choose to play it as a shooter, an RPG or in a more passive story mode.

All of this said, there are one or two basic frustrations on the Xbox version tested. Switching from running to jumping using the same button is no easy task and your muscly hero will sometimes twitch like a demented disco dancer, just when you need him to get a move on. I’ve never been much of a fan of the scroll wheel system used to assign powers, either. But perhaps that’s because I’m ham-fisted and prone to push buttons randomly in stressful situations.

Completing the main storyline, plus a few side missions here and there will effortlessly eat up 30-40 hours. So make a big pot of tea, turn out the lights and cancel all other plans for the weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Publisher: EA
Format/s: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Age rating: 15+
Price: £39.99

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