Marvel Battlegrounds – Super Smash brawls with superheroes!

How often have you wanted to punch your child in the face? All the time, right? Well, Disney is going to help you do just that, without the need for intervention from child services, with the Marvel Battleground Playset – which lets your whole family beat each other up to their heart’s content.

This latest addition to Disney Infinity 3.0 – a title where physical toys can be transformed into playable characters within the game – offers Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers style battles with a bunch of your favourite comic book heroes and villains.

Up to four players can fight locally beating the bejesus out of each other, or against AI-controlled players for those without friends or speedy fingered children.

The gameplay is twitchy and aggressive. Throws, punches and kicks all happen at a furious pace sometimes making it hard to see if you are the puncher or the punchee.

All characters have chargeable special moves to unleash powerful attacks on opponents with additional environmental advantages such as the ability to run an opponent over with a train if you get your timing just right.

New characters are on offer including the diminutive Ant-Man and Black Suit Spider-Man – from when Peter Parker was hosting an alien lifeform that went on to become one half of his arch-enemy Venom.

Disappointingly, unlike other Disney Infinity 3.0 Playsets, only one character, Captain America, comes with the pack as compared with the two characters that have accompanied every previous pack. However, you can use any Marvel character from Infinity 2.0 to fight and each week three additional characters are unlocked to play with in-game currency for a limited time. Because of the absence of a second character, the Playset will also be cheaper than previous sets, although exact pricing is yet to be announced.

Marvel Battlegrounds looks set to bring out the sofa warriors in kids and parents alike. It is perfect for when you want to have a super-powered dust-up in your living room. However, whether it has the longevity or addictiveness of Super Smash Bros still remains to be seen.

Marvel Battlegrounds is released on March 25. Check back soon for the full Teckish review.