Mad Max – Apocalyptic brawler that lacks variety


Mad Max starts with his car being stolen, eating some dog food and then having a punch up – add six pints of Stella and you almost have the perfect English Saturday night out. This, however, is the grim reality of Mad Max: driving around the desert trying to eke out an existence in the post apocalyptic outback…

There is a story to this game, but this game – like the movie – is all about the action. Storylines and characters are for wimps. Think of it as a cross between Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed…but written by Top Gear. You tool around the wasteland with your erstwhile mechanic, Chumbucket, like a modern day Steptoe and Son trying to find scrap to build your car up to an automotive dreadnaught so that you can defeat Max’s arch nemesis, Scabrous Scrotus. Why? Well, he was the one who nicked his motor…the interceptor. That’s the story!

So, in the Assassin’s Creed / Far Cry model, you find outposts and clear them out and then upgrade all your gear and abilities to fight progressively tougher baddies. Stealth is not really an option so instead you pile in like…well, like a drunk Aussie, with fists flying and cracking off a couple of sawn-off shotgun blasts for good measure. The neat twist with the game is the vehicular combat which is fun and surprisingly tactical – requiring timing and a certain amount of assured aggressiveness to win. Hand-to-hand feels like the Mad Max development team emailed the Batman development team and asked for the code – which isn’t a bad thing…but it is a touch easy. Visually, the game is jaw droppingly beautiful to look at…but after a while one realises that there are only so many colours for sand. Presentation wise the game is flawless with slick, well designed menus and superb, punchy audio.

This game, though, is almost the perfect movie tie-in in that it reflects the all action / zero content formula that made the movie great entertainment, but essentially an empty experience. Though hugely enjoyable, one soon begins to get bored with the repetitiveness of the gameplay, the desert environments and lack of overarching storyline. But if you want to tool around the desert looking for fights, then this will fit the bill.

Warner Bros. Interactive
Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
£29.99 – £36.99 (18+)