Lost Planet 3 review


Starting out with your character trapped and using his last moments to express the regrets of his life is appropriate in a game that is full of regretfully unrealised potential.

You play as Jim Peyton, a worker in an energy mining facility on a hostile, frozen planet. The dangers of the mining job aren’t helped by the myriad of wild alien beasts out for your blood.

The weak elements of this third person action adventure quickly become evident. The graphics don’t have the polish that is to be expected on modern game titles. The alien lifeforms range from giant quadruped beasts to what is essentially aggressive walking plants, but they are never scary or anything more than predictable. The sci-fi story is creative and genuinely engaging, but the plot is often overly obvious. The stilted cut-scenes are also unskippable, which is incredibly annoying if you’ve died and have to sit through the same scene multiple times.

Lost Planet 3 isn’t a bad game. It is however, decidedly mediocre. Other titles such as Dead Space 3 have covered the same gaming ground to a much better effect. Regretfully average.

PS3, Xbox, PC
£29.99 – £34.99 (16+)

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