League of Evil 2


It is hard to overstate how much I enjoyed the original League of Evil. I played it so obsessively that it ended up featuring in my dreams. And I wasn’t alone – League of Evil received rave reviews from gamers and gaming websites alike.

The strength of the original was its perfect gameplay. League of Evil 2 builds on this, tweaking graphics and sound, but not too much else.

The addition of cut scenes and a plot (of sorts) adds little to the experience. In fact, if anything they detract from the purity of the game’s setup. Each level is a race against the clock to find the evil scientist squirrelled away within a labyrinthine maze whose block you must knock off with a power-punch from your bionic fists. The comic book cut-scenes are actually a bit annoying, and could have been left on whatever the gaming equivalent of the cutting-room floor is.

League of Evil updates its self-conscious 8-bit style with a slightly more contemporary look. The characters’ movements are more fluid than before, which actually helps when tackling a tricky jump or attack. Gone too is the old chip tune music, which has been replaced with a synth-fuelled 80s action film soundtrack.

Once you have made it through all 100 levels, including a couple of ok boss battles, you may want to go back and collect the briefcase hidden in each stage, plus improve the
speed of your run. To get a three-star rating on all the levels you will sometimes need to achieve near Herculean feats, with perfectly timed jumps that take you narrowly over deadly obstacles to your goal.

League of Evil 2 isn’t perfect. It is almost perfect. Which will do for me until League of Evil 3 comes out.

Publisher: Ravenous Games
Format/s: iOS
Age rating: 9+

Price: £0.69

Arion McNicoll

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