KOI review – A playable screensaver with airport music


Sometimes, we all need a break from pistol whipping space marines or caving in the skull of a zombie with a chair leg. Sometimes, like Lauren Hill, we have to rebalance our inner, spiritual selves and do something more worthy. KOI attempts to provide this outlet by placing you in the role of a fish. A koi carp to be exact.

Your mission is to realign the balance in the pond (and beyond) by finding flowers and fish to help unlock new areas. Once you have collected the flowers and the fish you can complete the levels and restore the equilibrium of pond life. And, um…well, along the way you have to do the odd memory puzzle (not something I thought goldfish were exactly renowned for…) and dodge big black fish who serve as sentries guarding certain areas.

KOI feels very much like a casual game ported from a tablet and upscaled to the PS4 for no reason. Very little happens and I found myself getting bored very, very quickly and yearned for the simple pleasure of shooting a Nazi in the face with a shotgun. Maybe there is something obvious I am missing with this game, maybe my inner chakra has been bent out of shape by monster killing in The Witcher 3 or loot collecting in The Division, but I really don’t get why you would want a playable screensaver with airport music.

Personally I prefer my fish in a real pond or in batter.


Playstation 4
Oasis Games Limited
£7 (3+)