FIFA Street


If you read my review of FIFA for the PS Vita, you’ll know that I’m all fingers and thumbs when it comes to EA’s best-selling sports franchise. I also find playing full games in FIFA occasionally frustrating and even boring. Under my control, even the mighty Barcelona blunder around the field like they’ve just been chucked out of a pub.

FIFA Street is, ahem, a different ball game. It’s five (or less) aside, essentially, and you can pick from the best teams and players in the world – Messi, you’re mine! – or make and develop your own player and take him on a world tour of tournaments. My player turns out to be missing a large tail and a pair of ears. A donkey for sure, but an entertaining one at least.

The key difference is tone. ‘Real’ FIFA is all Sky commentators and realism. Here, it’s a glorified kickabout to a soundtrack of mood music and players’ shouts. It looks and feels like fun, rather than a serious football tournament. It’s impressive as a technical achievement, too. The players’ movements are as fluid and realistic as in FIFA, while the range of tricks that you perform for extra points is impressive and surprisingly easy to master. Even my donkey managed a couple before falling over the ball and scoring a sensational own goal.

You soon get over such setbacks, though, because the great thing about this game is its speed. The pitches are fenced in, so kicking passes off walls keeps it moving, while the absence of any referee means you can nibble your opponents’ shins like a woodpecker attacking an oak tree.

I like this game a lot more than I expected to, and if you’re daunted by FIFA, you might just find this right up your street.


Publisher: EA
Format/s: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Age rating: 3+
Price: £39.99

Nigel Kendall

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