Farcry aims to appeal to your inner caveman

Battlefield wanted to make a change so it swapped war zones for urban cops vs. robbers scenarios. The Assassin’s Creed series has jumped around in time and space covering everything from seafaring pirates to revolutionary America. Ubisoft’s Farcry is taking the whole reinvention of a series to a whole new level though.

Gone are the guns and vehicles. Gone is the technology. In fact, gone is pretty much everything because the next game in the open-world series has jumped back all the way back to the days of living in caves and coveting your neighbours fire. Spears and arrows are what you’ll be using when fighting freakin’ wooly mammoths.

Out early next year on PS4, Xbone and PC the trailer for Farcry Primal above should calm any doubts you have as to whether this can work as it looks amazing.