Epoch review


Cover-based shooters on iOS have had mixed success. Last year’s Shadow Gun was as close a homage to the Xbox classic Gears of War as you can get without legal action, but the quality of its graphics were unfortunately not matched by its gameplay. Other cover shooters have had similarly mixed success. Into the fray comes Epoch.

Set in the far-flung future world where war has destroyed all life, leaving only battle-hardened robots duking it out, Epoch’s intriguing plot unfolds in short chunks between bursts of frenetic action.

Epoch abandons the freedom of a classic third-person shooter, instead placing you on a static two-dimensional plane, along which you move left and right ducking behind walls and barrels, similar to the classic arcade game Cabal.

Powered by the Unreal engine, Epoch is a visually rich action game, putting you in control of a robot fighting its way through a crumbling world ravaged by war. Behind the top-notch visuals and the intriguing story is simply great gameplay. The developers have opted to strip back the mechanics of movement and targeting to take advantage of touch screen controls. Rather than an onscreen joypad and floating buttons – a system deployed by so many iOS games trying to emulate a console experience – everything in Epoch is controlled with taps and swipes. Enemies are targeted by pressing on them, then mowed down automatically any time you pop out from behind cover. Swiping left and right moves you around the screen and swiping up and down takes you in and out of cover. As the game progresses you meet different breeds of opponents with different weaponry which must be evaded with the right mix of strategy and swift reflexes.

Epoch may not push any new boundaries, but it adapts the cover shooter genre to the touchscreen epoch perfectly.

Publisher: Uppercut Games
Format/s: iOS
Age rating: 9+
Price: £1.99

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