Don’t Starve: Console Edition


Looking like the sketchbook of Tim Burton has sprung to life this open world survival game isn’t truly creepy, but it is both dark and odd. Each randomly generated world is full of trees, shrubs and varying landscapes all surrounded by choppy seas. As Wilson, a flamboyantly haired gentleman scientist you must collect items to aid in your continued survival. Mushrooms, berries and animals you trap are essential to stop you starving. The cuter animals such as birds and bunnies are accompanied by those that are less cuddly such as ferocious man pigs, killer Pengulls and tentacles that spring from the earth to quickly bring about your demise.

Collecting and crafting new items such as spears and hay armour will help you survive, but fire is an all important item as when the inky blackness of night comes you are quickly dispatched by unseen monsters if you don’t have a bonfire or a flaming torch.

After a while Don’t Starve can get tiresome as you struggle to survive, but as a free downloadable game for the month of January this is a title that mixes a world of oddities with addictive gameplay to great effect.

Kiei Entertainment
Playstation 4
Free (10+)

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