Child of Light


Aurora, a young flame-haired princess, has been taken from her kingdom and presumed dead. The only way to make it back to her distraught father is by bringing back the sun, moon and stars that’ve been stolen by the mysterious Queen of the Night.

The 2D Role Play Game (RPG) world that Aurora explores looks like an elaborate illustrated children’s book sprung to life. As Aurora makes her way through cursed mountain towns and lava filled caves she finds accomplices that join her in her quest to reach the Queen. Allies include a magical garden dwarf and a bow-and arrow-wielding mouse who, along with all characters in Child of Light, converse in riddles and rhyme.

Puzzles are simple to solve, but the turn-based combat is trickier. Saving up magical elixirs and using your available characters according to their magical or melee abilities is imperative if Aurora is to survive the giant flaming spiders and murderous trolls that seek battle at every turn.

Child of Light is well balanced. The story and visuals will appeal to younger players new to the RPG genre, but the tactical action is engaging enough for any seasoned player to get their teeth into. Both sweet and deadly.

PS3, PS4, PC
£9.99 – £15.99 (7+)

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