Assassin’s Creed: Revelations


Things haven’t been going swimmingly for the athletic Desmond Miles. Having used the futuristic hi-tech Animus to be transported several hundred years back through time to inhabit the bodies of his assassin ancestors in the previous three games, he’s gone a bit doolally. Fortunately the Animus is keeping his consciousness safe in a digital purgatory until he can transport his mind back into his own body all safe and sound. To do this Desmond must once more take on the mantle of his deadly dead ancestors and find ‘all of the answers’ to save himself.

For most of this latest stabby outing you play as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the ageing Assassin from the last outing, who aims to stop the evil Crusader-styled Templars from finding all five of the keys to the mysterious hidden temple. Most of the game takes place in a beautifully rendered Constantinople at the time of the rise of the Ottoman Empire in 1511 AD. The gameplay of running through busy markets, climbing up tall buildings and stealth killing with throwing knives, grenades and the new hook blade isn’t vastly different from the previous incarnations of the game, but this is no bad thing. There is a new mode where you tactically order assassins to protect areas as waves of enemies attempt to over-run your forces that adds a nice touch, but the rest of the gameplay is pretty familiar.

The hand-to-hand fighting could learn a thing or two from the outstanding Batman: Arkham City, as combat sometimes feels a little too close to a button-masher rather than a tactical exercise. Overall though, Revelations is a huge game that will keep fans of stealthy wall scampering and knife crime happy for weeks rather than days.

Pubilsher: Ubisoft
Format/s: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
Age rating: 15+
Price: £29.99-£49.99

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