4K Xbox One S and customisable controllers coming late summer

Microsoft have announced a couple of new hardware additions at E3. As expected, they’ve shown a smaller, more powerful Xbox One S that’s 40% smaller than their current behemoth console. It’ll run 4K graphics in games as well as feature support for 4K Blu-ray movies. Hardware specs are yet to be announced, but you’ll be able to get a system with up to 2Tb of internal storage. The cheapest console is due to cost around the $300 mark (around £210) in the US, but the UK will, no doubt, be rinsed on the sterling conversion price.

The Xbox software is also getting a much-needed update, specifically with Xbox Play Anywhere. From now on any Microsoft Studio title will be able to be purchased once and then be playable on both PC and Xbox with shared achievements, progress and save data.

What’s also been announced is a new controller. Basically, it’s a bit more grippy and can communicate from a bit further away. The cool part is that Microsoft are opening Xbox Design Lab where you can pick custom colours for your own controller. At $80 it’ll cost $20 more that a standard controller, but you can, apparently, make over 8 million different colour choices. For an extra $10 you’ll also be able to get your gamertag put onto the controller. If you have an Xbox One or are planning to pick up one of the new Xbox One S consoles, you’ll definitely want to spend that bit extra for this. We’re ignoring the fact it’s not clear about the UK availability of the Xbox custom controllers, but trust Microsoft would want to help us European brothers out.

Hop on over to the Xbox Design Lab site to give the customisation a whirl where you can also put in a pre-order. The controllers won’t be shipping till early September though, so those early adopters with a lack of patience will have an antsy few months ahead of them.