Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


When Sony and Microsoft announced that neither the Xbox One nor the Playstation 4 would allow you to play your old 360 or PS3 games on them, it made for an interesting choice for those looking to upgrade. As a result many of those loyal to Xbox decided to jump ship and buy a Playstation 4 rather than an Xbox One. This review is for those folk as, if you owned a PS3 then you probably played at least one of the Uncharted games and probably also loved it. If you owned a PS3 and didn’t buy the Uncharted games, then you didn’t deserve to own a Playstation in the first place and Teckish is very disappointed in your life choices.

The Nathan Drake collection brings together the three Uncharted PS3 exclusive games in one package. Graphically, all of the games have been given a facelift and accordingly, they all look passable, but they don’t quite have the visual punch of current gen titles. Faces can be unnaturally shiny and some of the character movement feels disjointed and cumbersome.

None of this matters though. Nathan Drake is a treasure-hunting loveable rogue. He doesn’t want to do the right thing, he just inevitably does – all with a wry joke or a grumble. Think contemporary Indiana Jones without the hat or the whip. Whether he’s brawling in a London boozer, escaping a burning French chateau or climbing through Aztec ruins, regular cut-scenes fill in the narrative of each story.

Some other games could be accused of failing to adequately flesh out characters or, even worse, including unskippable cutscenes of interminable length, whereas Uncharted fills each scene with entertaining and informative banter. It gives Drake and his various accomplices real personalities and makes you genuinely care about their fates.

The third-person action has three main modes of play. First there are the shoot-outs. All manner of henchmen are looking to kill you no matter how remote or out of the way you are. In an underground cavern that nobody has disturbed for thousands of years? There’s bound to be some henchmen hanging about for a scrap. While sometimes you need to do both at the same time, generally if you aren’t fighting, you’re climbing. To reach your current goal you inevitably have to precariously scamper up the side of various ancient ruins, wrecked ships or dangling trains. One mistimed jump and it’s all over.

Finally there are the puzzles. Matching up symbols or working out a pattern generally just requires a bit of observation, but if you’re really struggling there are enough hints that appear when you’re idle to help you get through.

Fighting, climbing and puzzle-solving could be the description of many games, but Uncharted gets all of it right. It’s tough enough to be challenging and entertaining enough to make you laugh out loud in places. That said, If you own the Uncharted games on the PS3 the upgraded graphics aren’t really a good enough reason to spend your hard-earned on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. However, if you previously had a 360 and haven’t played the Uncharted series, then this three-in-one title is a treat that’s well worth checking out and should be considered an essential title.

Naughty Dog
Playstation 4
£41.99 (16+)