Trials Evolution


Some sequels come along and destroy everything about the original game you knew and loved. Some are merely ok, but lack some of the original magic. Some games, though, come along and propel the original game into hyperspace. Trials Evolution is just such a game.

Played from the side-view, Trials is a motocross game which sees you racing across outlandish landscapes, from Stonehenge to construction sites to bombed-out war zones. The dynamics of the game are simple enough – you accelerate with your right trigger and use the left stick to balance your rider. Beneath this simple control scheme however lies a game of considerable depth and complexity. Position your rider too far back in his seat when entering a jump and you will flip the bike; keep him too far forward when you land and you will crush him onto the handlebars. Making a perfect run depends on getting everything just right – and is intensely satisfying when it comes off.

Multiplayer is where Trials gets really exciting. Race against the ghosts of your friends to try to beat their times or go head to head online in four-player Supercross. The chaotic beauty of the landscapes, with exploding ordinances, toppling towers and sunsets over towering cliffs is further brought to life by multiple bikes screaming round the course at once.

On top of the set tracks, Trials is infinitely expandable with a track builder to keep enterprising enthusiasts busy constructing new levels to their heart’s content. The game engine is powerful enough that it will allow games other than mere bike racing to be constructed – including marble rolling, shoot ’em ups and more.

For 1,200 points it would be difficult to find a game better than this. True to its name, on its second outing Trials has truly evolved.

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Age: 12+
Price: 1,200 MS points (£10.80)

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