Mario Kart 7


Since the original Mario Kart came out on the SNES in 1992, it has been a firm favourite with fans of arcade racing games. However, the last offering on the Wii is now gathering dust on second-hand shelves due to the slow pace of the racing and the lack of decent tracks. Fortunately, Mario Kart 7 is here to redress the balance.

16 of the 32 tracks available are updated versions of previous fan favourites, with the remaining 16 being new tracks. Classics such as the lava-lined Bowser Castle sit side by side the submerged tropical island racing in Cheep Cheep Cape. The new flying/hang-gliding and driving underwater abilities are great in the new tracks, and have also been imcorporated into previously seen tracks to good effect. The 3D graphics work brilliantly, especially when racing in the new first-person mode. That is providing you are able to resist the urge to turn the console when taking a tight corner, making the 3D jump unpleasantly.

Gone are the playable baby versions of Mario and Bowser, instead replaced with unlockable characters such as Metal Mario and your own avatar Mii. Using the 3DS WiFi you can go up against other players either locally or globally. The online play against seven other players is a frantic dash with red shell homing missiles flying wildly around as everyone fights for first place. It’s a tough intro for new players, but a welcome challenge for those looking for a new driving game and an addition that will keep fans coming back for more. Alongside the equally great Super Mario 3D Land, just released, this is a title that could turn around the flagging sales of the 3DS, proving that it is not just Princesses that Mario is adept at saving.

Publisher: Nintendo
Format/s: Nintendo 3DS
Age rating: 3+
Price: £34.99

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