Gotham City Imposters

Sick of mooching around huge, twee landscapes looking for elves? Bored with gunning your way around yet another Middle Eastern market town while being sledged by 12-year-olds? Then Gotham City Imposters could be the antidote.

Strictly an online game this first-person shooter places the emphasis firmly on fun. You join a group of either Jokers or Bats who make up a rag-tag collection of sorry individuals trying to impersonate their respective hero. You grapple, bounce, glide and roller-skate around zany environments including amusement parks and backstreets (all helpfully sprinkled with ramps and trampolines) looking for your next kill using a huge arsenal of guns, traps and other weird and imaginative instruments. Most regular battle modes are represented: Deathmatch, Fumigation (a kind of ‘hold the command post’ type of game) and Psyche Warfare (Capture the Flag). You can fiddle around with your characters to either be quick, tough or decent all-rounders and equip yourself with an insane collection of handmade killing tools such as rocket launchers made out of plastic piping and RPGs fashioned out of catapults and bottles of nitro.

Despite the fact that this is a download-only XBLA game, the graphics and presentation are excellent – menus and loading screens are rendered with wit and imagination and everything is peppered with wry, comic touches. The animation is fluid and the game feels – and plays – rather like multiplayer in Call of Duty, with the same meat-grinder dynamic but given an insane twist and edgier graphics. It is only six vs six and the guns feel somewhat lightweight, but these are minor quibbles in a game which is completely packed with fun.

After all, if you can’t have fun shooting an assault rifle on roller skates dressed as the Joker, when can you have fun?

Publisher: Warner Brother Games
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade
Age: 16+
Price: 1,200 MS points (£10.80)

Michael Shevlin

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