Play games on your TV with the tiny Amazon Fire TV Stick


Amazon’s latest bid for control of your television set (and therefore your life) comes in a pint sized package – the Amazon Fire TV Stick. And its equally compact 1.6in x 4.7in remote control gives you access to Amazon’s ecosystem of movies, box sets, apps and – yes – games. And if you you can’t afford to spring for Amazon Fire Game controller (£34.99), the remote functions as a surprisingly capable controller in its own right.

So how well does it work? A game like Crossy Road, with its simple controls, plays effortlessly. As does the Apple App Store’s 2013 game of the year, Badlands. Platformers such as Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse can also be played at a stretch with the remote. But Sonic The Hedgehog fares rather less well – you would really need to buy an actual controller to play it properly.



Amazon Fire Stick TV does a bunch of things very well, including managing your online subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify. It is also easier to set up than a bunch of similar devices – you simply plug it into your TV and it is ready to go.

While the games selection is currently pretty limited, Amazon’s prioritisation of gaming as a central feature of the Fire TV Stick points to a future where Amazon could become a genuine gaming alternative – albeit for playing mobile games on a big screen.

This doesn’t mean that Amazon’s micro remote will be replacing your Xbox One controller any time soon of course, but if you are already bought into the Amazon entertainment universe and fancy playing some simple games on your home TV, then the Fire TV Stick is a compelling option.

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