Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


The life of a gangster is never an easy one. Having returned to your home turf after five years for your mother’s funeral you are quickly thrust back into the life of a street hoodlum to protect your friends and gang loyalties in the sunny settings of an LA styled San Andreas. Originally out on the Playstation 2, the open world adventure looks better than the original, but still includes all of the violence, thievery and humour of the first outing.

Auto-aim helps with the gun battles and a multitude of touch-screen control options assist when driving or even flying a Learjet, but this is a title that will really come alive when using an additional physical controller that are set to be all the rage in the coming year.

San Andreas is not without its faults when using a touch screen to play, but overall GTA manages to bring the lawless joys of anarchy of the original to your iOS device for a price that is a steal.

£4.99 (17+)

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