Lara Croft Go


Ever since Crystal Dynamics rebooted Lara Croft from Hooters to Hipster the franchise has been going through a quiet revolution. Lara Croft Go continues this revolution with a quietly excellent mobile game. In gorgeously rendered, cel-shaded environments you must guide Lara to the end of a series of puzzles whilst avoiding snakes, spiders and other creatures – each with their own behavioural characteristics.

What the developer has done is taken the very best parts of the original games – the puzzles (why was that so hard to figure out?) – and made them a standalone game and I thoroughly approve. Like a cross between Monument Valley and Chess it pays to look carefully at the environment before leaping into the fray. None of the puzzles are too taxing at the beginning and the game does a good job of teaching you what each new puzzle piece does…like a spear will kill a creature from far off, but only one…fire will scare creatures away but extinguishes if you climb. In the later stages these puzzle pieces are combined in fiendishly cunning ways to make puzzles that are iPhone chuckingly frustrating.

You know that there is only one solution to each problem and sometimes it feels like a simple process of elimination to find the answer rather than genuine, intellectual brain flexing, but this minor quibble aside, this is a gorgeous realisation of the Lara Croft franchise on the mobile – showing some other, lazy developers what can be done. Rather refreshingly, there are no in-app purchases – this is a proper, play-to-the-finish game. Whoohoo!

Square Enix
iOS, Android
£3.99 (7+)