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There are plenty of sites you can visit for game reviews and tech news. Many of them perform a brilliant job, providing comprehensive assessments of every game that comes out, with behind the scenes tours inside developers’ offices, detailed breakdowns of polygon counts, secrets, collectibles, alternate endings and everything in between.

At Teckish we don’t care about that stuff – what we care about is whether a game is good or if the tech news is interesting. We know you’re busy. And we trust that you will understand that we are busy too. So we will give it to you straight and uncut. And when we are done you will leave our site hopefully a little happier and wiser.

About us
David Hutchinson writes weekly game reviews for The Times newspaper in London. He will happily argue about anything and everything, just to pass the day. The envy he felt for his neighbour’s Atari console as a boy has blossomed into a full-blown passion/debilitating addiction to video games that annoys his wife, but pleases his game-loving sons.

Arion McNicoll is the deputy editor at the The Week. As a committed pedant he enjoys picking David up on his spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and general way of existing. At 6’5″ Arion is unnecessarily tall.

It would be fair to describe David as more vertically challenged.